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((Hey guys, or anyone out there who’s still alive. I don’t really much use this blog any more as I’ve sort of drifted away from the Bioshock Fandom.
My only active blog is an art/personal blog currently which can be found here —> http://twozziearts.tumblr.com/ <— and it would mean the absolute world to me if any of you guys wanted to tag aboard with my shenanigans.

I had a wonderful time with you all here, and I was honestly in awe of how much attention my silly little things brought along, and I’m glad I could make so many people happy. Graciously, I would sincerely like to thank everyone who participated in my blog, rp’d with me, sent in asks, questions everything.
Thank you so much.

I don’t have the heart to delete the blog itself, so it will still stand, as I do visit it every so often and have feels over how much love I received from you all.. I hope someone out there will still get some enjoyment out of it.
I’m sorry that this is sort of dead, but as things slowed up and Bioshock Infinite became old news, I feel people moved on, including me. But once again, thank you. It brought me so much happiness, and in honesty I didn’t think it’d be popular at all.

If you guys want to join me, I’ll be in my other blog. My DeviantART is also active and I’m there every day.



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make me choose
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dark and Silence by ~Techarmy
Silence is Golden, but you suck.

"Why are you so cruel?"


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I don’t think you all realize how much I love you

Lost: sinsandsilence & asklittlesis-eleanorlamb





The Boy wasn’t too sure why she wanted him to hold her hand, but did so without argument. His other hand, holding his shirt open was visibly trembling.

He bit his lip, attempting to muffle a whimper of pain best he could as the small flames burnt his flesh. He also had to fight the urge of stepping away from her, or screaming. He tried to be brave, but it did remind him of what had happened in the very same room all those years ago.

Once she was done he took a deep breath, patting his hand around the new scar on his chest. 
"Th-thank you, Miss Eleanor." He managed to say through his shaky voice. "I think that will suffice.. for now anyway…" 
His hand was still holding onto hers tightly.

"I’m sorry.." Eleanor muttered out. “For how I acted back there.."
The girl sighed, released the others hand. “So..well.. I don’t know what to do now… Is there anything else I could see in this large house? Hmm or, do you want me to take the Prophet off your hands?” Eleanor grinned slightly with a minor chuckle escaping her lips.”

In a fumble, the Boy quickly tried to right his uniform, buttoning his white shirt back up and running his hands down it.
"Don’t be sorry." He said kindly. "I forgive you." 
He brushed his fingers against her hand, wishing to hold it again.
"Perhaps.. I could show you to one of the balconies? That way you would be able to see Columbia, and all her, I’m assuming… beauty." He chuckled.
"I don’t think the people would take to kindly to their precious Prophet mysteriously vanishing, Miss Eleanor." 

Eleanor felt his fingers brush against her palm. The let out a sigh and held his hand again gently.
"Sure, Mister..! I would love to see this..new place. Columbia is it? Pretty name I guess… My city, well… It’s named Rapture. It’s not the prettiest thing in the world." Eleanor told him with a shrug.
"B-but..! He’s an asshole to you guys..! He should be eliminated." 

He gave a soft laugh as her hand locked with his once more, and he led her to the nearest balcony; there were several in all around Comstock House, though hardly ever used.
"Rapture.. yes, it sounds a tad familiar." He muttered quietly. 
Carefully, he pushed the doors open, and stepped outside, holding them for her, so the wind didn’t blow them shut again.
"Here we are." He hummed. "Welcome to Columbia. One of the finest views of the city from here, I’m told. But now, what would I know?" He quietly closed the doors and allowed Eleanor to take her time to look over Columbia.




"Look…I feel kinda bad about not stealing anything for Golfman, but he’s a dick and he can go fuck himself"

Quarterback thought about another LOSS member coming in to try and steal some valuables to satiate Golfmans greed, the only possible outcomes he saw were them pissing themselves in fear and running off.

"Kid…do you need anything? At all? It looks like a shithole in here"

The Boy covered his mouth valve with his hands, shocked at such language spoken about someone important. To him, that was like himself cussing at the Prophet.
He tugged at one of the football player’s fingers, shaking his head, worried that this Golfman might hear him and punish him for speaking ill of him behind his back.

What a peculiar offer.. no one had ever asked him if he needed anything before, and he wasn’t sure how to respond. To be entirely honest, the Boy agreed with Quarterback. Comstock House was a shithole. There was nothing he found particularly amazing about it, apart from the occasional lucky find of something like a pillow that wasn’t 70% dust. It was constantly cold, all the windows were either broken, or had fallen out completely due to storms or strong winds, the entire place was terrible, yet he’d spent his life here since he was an infant… how? He couldn’t even answer that one.

"Riiiiight I shouldn’t be cussing in front of a kid, what was I fu—uhm…darn thinking?"

"I know! I’ll give you advice!"

"Flaunt what you got kid, i’m twelve feet tall and I can crush diamonds with my fists, you gotta use what you got to kick other peoples as—bottoms. You’re scary as f—diddly, use that to your advantage!"

The Boy nodded quickly with a cheery whistle and clapped his hands together. He was very proud of himself for being able to scare a 12 foot tall football player, and then get complimented on how terrifying he was! 

He was indeed going to take that advice on board, and give every intruder that came into Comstock House the fright of their life.